Treating Pain with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Living with pain can be debilitating, whether you are experiencing an acute injury or a long-term musculo-skeletal condition.

Pain is experienced when there is inflammation to nerves and body tissue. When muscles tighten, blood flow to a particular body area is impaired, which means waste products can’t be cleared.  The consequent build-up of waste products causes more pain and inflammation as the tissues become irritated and damaged.

Scientific research has found that acupuncture may help with pain:


Systematic Review: Acupuncture in Chronic Pain, Low Back Pain and Migraine
Thirteen studies (3025 patients) were selected for the above systematic review covering pain conditions including knee osteoarthritis, headache, migraine, low back pain, abdominal pain due to scars, fibromyalgia, post-operative pain.

Conclusion: In summary, acupuncture appears to be superior compared with “no action” or usual care in patients with chronic low back pain, osteoarthritis, or headache. Acupuncture has a beneficial safety profile, with relatively few side effects. Data suggest that acupuncture is a cost-effective treatment. Our results provide the most robust evidence to date that acupuncture may be valuable in patients who prefer over other treatment options or concern the use of analgesic drugs.

Citation: Dalamagka M (2015) Systematic Review: Acupuncture in Chronic Pain, Low Back Pain and Migraine. J Pain Relief 4:195. doi:10.4172/21670846.1000195


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